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Diversions - Autour du hautbois
Music by contemporary composers from New Zealand

"Diversions - All around the oboe" contains a unique blend of chamber music either for or with the oboe as part of the group and was instigated by the French oboist Dominique Enon, dedicatee of several of the works.

The CD presents the works of composers that have a close association with New Zealand: all were either born there, have resided there at some time or are presently living there.

Additionally all works on the CD were composed after 1999, and while stylistically and aesthetically varied reflect the maturity of each composer's musical oeuvre.

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The works on the CD were presented together in a concert on March 7th 2010 as part of the 10th Festival Oboe.

All of the music on the CD features Marika Lombardi, the Artistic Director of "Festival Oboe", playing in two separate formations: a duo of oboe and piano with the pianist Debra Takakjian and a quintet with Erika Bliznik (clarinet), Joe Ichinose (viola), Charmian Keay (violin) and Raphael Schwab (double bass), conducted by Nigel Keay, the composer of one of the works.

Besides being in charge of the mix and mastering of the entire album Andrew Levine recorded Nigel Keay's "Diversions" and the three pieces from Jonathan Besser's "Ecstasy suite" at the magnificent residence of the ambassador of New Zealand in Paris.