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Breath, Strings & Proximity
Breath, Strings & Proximity
(33 min Single)

On Saturday, the 26th of April, Christine and Sharif Sehnaoui performed as a duo for the first time in ten years at what turned out to be one of the highlights of the blurred edges 2008, the 3d instance of Hamburg's independent contemporary music festival.
The air flowing through the Christine's saxophone and the sounds Sharif coaxed out of the strings of his guitar wove a magnificent sonic tapestry, sometimes delicately merging, sometimes clashing to flow back to the common ground - a hypnotic groove...
Recorded puristically at Westwerk in ORTF configuration with two high-res microphones custom built by United Minorities. Mic-pres & 2d AD by Metric Halo. No compression besides (2d) tube saturation was applied, preserving the original dynamics. This is as pure as it gets :-)
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