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The 3d season of the Jazzmeile St. Georg
jazzmeile st. georg - live

"Dear friends of the Jazzmeile and of Jazz,

we've made it! After four years of activity we have produced the first sampler of the Jazzmeile St. Georg!

In 2002 I returned to Hamburg from the Paris' Jazz-scene with a new goal. The impressions from that metropolis, especially the boundless enthusiasm for presenting Jazz in all it's forms and colours, had left their mark. I had seen club owners succeed in making this music accessible even to their next-door neighbours, grandfathers and students. Hamburg's local Jazz-scene was integral to it's cultural profile, but I felt that it definitely could be more varied. [...]" (Atussa Haji-Aghalar)
This is the music ...

01 Soundcheck (MMM)
02 Antidot (MG3 / Massoud Godemann)
03 Blues in The Closet (Nikolay Bakulin Trio / Oscar Pettiford)
04 Music Everyday (MMM / Fabian Kallerdahl)
05 Je t'aime (MG3 / Massoud Godemann)
06 Blowin' the Odeon (Chris Brown & Friends / Chris Brown)
07 Zugabe III (TonusTrio)
08 Prelude No 20, C-moll (Leon Gurvitch Trio / Fryderyk Chopin)
09 Seven steps to heaven (MMM / Miles Davis)

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